Watch Frustrated Parents Destroy Their Kids Electronics

If you are a parent then you definitely need to watch this video; Watch frustrated parents destroy their kids electronics!

Technology has advanced at an alarming rate. For some parents, it seems like all their kids do these days, is spend time on Social Media, watch YouTube videos, text or play games on their smart phones or computers. This can be frustrating for parents especially when they try to get their kids to “sign off” and do their homework or a chore or two around the house.

I think that most of us can identify with the pleasurable feelings that come with spending time on social media and the other various activities that the technology allows. But those pleasurable activities can easily help us lose track of time and eventually forget what really matters. More so for children

Watch Frustrated Parents Destroy Their Kids Electronics.

The video below shows just how frustrating it is for some parents who are dealing with this particular issue. It’s so frustrating that these parents get to the point where they destroy the very electronic items and phones that they bought for their children. While some parents may be able to identify with what these parents in the video are going through, you don’t have to be a parent to sympathize with them.

Additionally, while this video might be funny to most (it really is), what is especially disturbing is the way in which these kids’ are reacting to the loss of their items. It really makes you wonder but it also shows what they feel is important to them. However, one important message it conveys to parents, is the fact that at the onset, parents need to set boundaries regarding the usage and how long their children engage with the technology.

So check out this hilarious video and feel free to share your experiences or views with us.

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